pearl plastics
pearl® is among the plastics that have the least environmental impact. It is made entirely from pure recycled plastic and contains 30% ground oyster shells. The finely ground shells give pearl® a matte finish and an exceptionally smooth texture. Thanks to the mineral component, the writing instruments have a slightly heavier weight and are well-balanced in the hand. The production of pearl® is energy-efficient. High-quality recycled plastics are obtained from old refrigerators, without detours or complex chemical treatments. This is because the recycled product consists of the same high-quality plastics required for the products. Long-term supply contracts ensure a steady source of pure materials.

A raw material from the sea
Our oyster shells come directly from the oyster farms of Brittany, where they are cleaned and ground, and then they are transported to Switzerland for the production of burger swiss pen.

For us, short transportation distances are a crucial component of our environmental conservation strategy. They also significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Throughout our entire process chain, the preservation of resources and the environment takes precedence.

Unique material combination
High-quality recycling combined with ground oyster shells: that’s pearl®, our resource-friendly material combination.

From discarded freezers, we produce white granules. This process is known as high-quality recycling, or post-consumer recycling.

We exclusively use plastics that possess precisely the high-quality properties we need: impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and UV resistance – all features that make our products durable and of high quality.