Recycling plastics
Would you like to know why Burger Swiss Pen’s recycling pens are only available in white, gray, beige, and black? That’s easily explained: it’s how environmentally friendly recycling works! At Burger Swiss Pen, we exclusively recycle pure ABS plastics that possess precisely the properties we require for our high-quality writing instruments: UV-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and stable. Black pens are created from black screen housings, white ones from white freezers, and gray pens when mixing colored plastic scraps.

Whatever some promotional product dealers or manufacturers may claim: the separate collection of colorful plastics, whether red, blue, or yellow, is hardly feasible from a logistical standpoint. Those who offer recycled products in various colors either dye them afterward using large quantities of color pigments or use chemically recycled plastics. Chemical recycling is energy-intensive and generates problematic residues. In both cases, we do not find this to be a productive approach. That’s why our recycling pens are only available in white, gray, and black.


We invite you to join us in conserving resources, minimizing waste, and saving energy. In Switzerland, we not only produce with 100% hydroelectric power but also benefit from short transportation distances.