Welcome to the page of custom-developed plastics by Burger Swiss Pen AG. We are a manufacturer of ballpoint pens based in St. Antoni, Switzerland.

We design, engineer, and produce all our writing instruments in-house, and we manufacture them in Switzerland. The plastics we use are precisely tailored to our technical requirements. They align closely with the desire for environmental protection, resource conservation, and the highest standards of hygiene.

Our plastics:


flyer pearl®

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flyer recycling

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Sales & Logistic

Gutachstraße 1a
D-78141 Schönwald
Tel.: 0049-7722 86 92 0
email: info@burgerpen.com


Hauptstrasse 20
CH-1713 St. Antoni
Tel.: 0041-26 495 94 70
email: info@burgerpen.com